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SOLVE invites individuals of all backgrounds and ages to participate in volunteering. Our projects strive to bring together people from diverse ethnic, social, economic, and geographic backgrounds, fostering a shared sense of community while working to enhance our natural areas.

Opportunities are available year-round, spanning most days of the week.

New to SOLVE?

Embark on your volunteer journey today by first registering for an online account. 


Upcoming Events

Together, we can address a broader range of threats to our health, livability, and economic viability. Make a difference by volunteering for one of thousands of environmental projects happening year-round. 
Volunteer events range from beach & river cleanups, invasive plant removal events, neighborhood litter pickups, to habitat restoration projects.

We empower local community members and organizations to take the lead in addressing environmental challenges within their area.


Whether it's providing supplies, assisting with property permissions, or spreading the word, SOLVE offers comprehensive support for every aspect of your volunteer project to help ensure its success.

Signature Events

Father and Daughter

Youth Volunteering

Discover why SOLVE is the ecosystem where young changemakers come together to connect, learn, and actively contribute to making a difference in their community.

Whether you're an environmentally-minded teenager, part of a high school club, a parent seeking meaningful family activities, or a youth organization in search of impactful projects, SOLVE is the go-to for environmental volunteerism, catering to all age groups.

Stewardship Programs

Explore a range of stewardship programs aimed at fostering environmental responsibility in your community. Whether it's adopting your favorite river or beach, engaging a youth group in a service project, or tackling litter on city streets, your participation will create a positive impact in your local community.

Court-Ordered Volunteering

If you find yourself in a position where court-ordered community service is a requirement, look no further – there are many opportunities to fulfill your obligations while contributing to the well-being of our local communities and environment.

Find quick answers to common questions about volunteering with SOLVE by exploring our FAQ page.

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