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Sustainability Efforts

We actively contribute to the health of the region's habitats by planting native trees and shrubs and removing invasive plant species. This approach helps these ecosystems thrive, sustaining a diverse range of pollinators and wildlife to create a more balanced and resilient environment for generations to come. Through volunteers’ ongoing involvement, we can continue to make a positive impact on the environment and ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for all.  

Earth-Friendly Actions


Reusable Supplies

To reduce single-use plastics, buckets, litter grabbers, vests, and gloves are available for pick-up at our Portland office.

Sustainability-BottleDrop (2).jpg


We partner with BottleDrop to recycle cans and bottles and keep Oregon’s public spaces litter-free.


(photo courtesy to BottleDrop)


Plastic Bag Alternatives

We build relationships with breweries to repurpose their discarded grain bags for litter cleanups, minimizing reliance on disposable plastic bags.

Electric Car Charger


SOLVE now has an electric vehicle to reduce our carbon footprint. If possible, consider carpooling, taking public transportation, arriving by bike, or walking to an event to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Supply Hubs

We implement supply storage hubs in areas outside of the Portland Metro region to reduce shipping and lessen our carbon footprint.


Bring Your Own

Volunteers are encouraged to bring any personal supplies that will help our resources go further. This includes garbage bags, work gloves, buckets, trash grabbers for cleanup events, or gardening tools for restoration events.

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