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Elevate your Brand

Boost your business visibility and connect with a national model of environmental stewardship and volunteerism, creating a tangible impact on the communities we serve and the environment we share.

Tailor your sponsorship benefits to suit your business needs with

customizable options. Benefits and level of support vary, select from one of our signature events below to learn more. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Inspire Impact Commemorating Dr. King's Legacy


Support volunteer projects that celebrate Dr. King's legacy and promote environmental well-being. Participate in the MLK Day of Service at Irving Park, an annual event providing your business with an opportunity to make a meaningful impact while aligning with values of social responsibility and community development.

Download our info sheet for more sponsorship details.

Help keep Portland’s business districts thriving


Demonstrate your dedication to Portland by sponsoring SOLVE's monthly business district cleanups, where each event aligns with a cultural or historical holiday to strengthen community ties. As a sponsor, you facilitate impactful collaboration among businesses and individuals, contributing to a positive and shared legacy for Portland

Download our info sheet for more sponsorship details.

Oregon Spring Cleanup

Amplify your Impact this Earth Day


Sponsoring SOLVE’s statewide Earth Day event not only underscores your brand's commitment to environmental stewardship, but positions you as a leader in sustainability, fostering meaningful connections with eco-conscious consumers and demonstrating your dedication to a greener future.

Download our info sheet for more sponsorship details.

Pick It Up, Portland!

Foster Pride for Portland


Be part of shaping Portland's community spirit and environmental stewardship by sponsoring our dynamic two-day event in June, where residents, businesses, and volunteers unite to foster pride, unity, and shared responsibility—your support directly contributes to this impactful initiative.

Download our info sheet for more sponsorship details.

Afterglow: Post 4th Cleanup

Restore and Reclaim Our Shores


Each year, post-celebration litter poses a threat to our beloved beaches and marine life. Sponsorships support a purposeful cleanup effort and showcase your commitment to the beauty of the Oregon coast and the well-being of marine ecosystems.

Download our info sheet for more sponsorship details.

Beach & Riverside Cleanup

Protect our Oceans, Streams, and Waterways


Your sponsorship powers impactful statewide litter cleanups and watershed restoration for oceans, rivers, lakes, and major waterways, providing regional brand exposure and a compelling narrative of corporate social responsibility during SOLVE’s celebrated annual September event.

Download our info sheet for more sponsorship details.

Let's Do Good
Work Together

Join the movement to protect our environment, showcasing your dedication to corporate responsibility and leaving a lasting, positive impact.

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