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Create a significant impact along Oregon's waterways.

Oregon Adopt-A-River uses a citizen-based, hands-on approach to keeping the state's water clean. Adopters take care of their favorite section of river, stream, or lake. They work with federal, state, and local governments to clean things up and to keep them that way.

Adopters choose a two-mile stretch along any Oregon waterway and make a two-year commitment to hold litter cleanups or remove non-native plants at least twice a year. 

Cleanups can be done on foot, by boat, or even by diving! 


What We Provide

A "how-to" guide on project planning and safety tips

Support in connecting with the land manager of your adopted waterway

Funds for project expenses

Sample news releases and suggestions on how to attract media coverage

Certificate of adoption and recognition on the SOLVE, Oregon State Marine Board, and Oregon River Registry websites

Guidance on trash disposal options

Assistance in recruiting volunteers for cleanups and plant removals

Project supplies shipped to you or available for pick-up at the SOLVE office in Portland

Connection to a vibrant network of fellow adopters 

Take the Plunge

Oregon has hundreds of rivers, lakes, and streams. All of them need help from committed and concerned people.  Community organizations, school groups, businesses, and environmentally conscious citizens can all become adopters. Adopt-A-River today!

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