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Watershed Discovery: Join Our Ongoing Cleanup Efforts

June kicked off with a highlight of our Waterway Cleanup Series in partnership with Clackamas Environmental Services: 29 families and student groups joined the Watershed Discovery Day on June 1 this at Mill Park in Milwaukie for a fantastic family-friendly event dedicated to caring for the Johnson Creek Watershed.

The morning began with a dispersed litter cleanup, followed by family fun, including picnics, park activities, and educational sessions about our watershed. Participants of all ages learned how to contribute to healthy streams and protect local wildlife. Raffle prizes generously donated by Portland Nursery, and Missionary Chocolates added to the fun and excitement.

This event was part of our summer-long Waterway Cleanup Series, which continues through September. Whether you want to lead an event or join as a volunteer, there are many opportunities to make a positive impact on our waterways. Join us in our efforts to keep our streams and rivers clean and healthy.  


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