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Community Unites for a Cleaner City: Pick It Up, Portland! 2024

Updated: The spirit of community and environmental stewardship shone brightly this past weekend as hundreds of Portland residents participated in SOLVE’s 8th annual Pick It Up, Portland! event series presented by Pacific Power.

Over two days, 400 volunteers removed almost 5,000 pounds of trash from Portland’s streets, making a tangible impact on the city's cleanliness and beauty.

Event Overview:

Kickstarting summer in the Rose City, Pick It Up, Portland! mobilized the community for a significant cleanup mission. On Friday, June 21st, cleanups at four key locations (Eastbank Esplanade, Downtown Portland, Sellwood Riverfront Park, and Holladay Park) set the stage for a city-wide cleanup on Saturday, June 22nd.

“We are incredibly grateful to all the volunteers who came out for Pick It Up, Portland! Their dedication and hard work have made a substantial difference to our city’s appearance and health. Events like these highlight the power of community action and the positive impact we can achieve when we come together with a common purpose. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this event.” – Kris Carico, CEO of SOLVE.


Event Highlights and Volunteer Impact:

Total Impact: This year, 400 volunteers collected 4,855 pounds of trash. This collective effort significantly enhanced the cleanliness and appeal of neighborhoods across Portland and underscored the community's dedication to maintaining a healthy and inviting city.

Friday, June 21: Cleanups at key locations, including Eastbank Esplanade, Downtown Portland, Sellwood Riverfront Park, and Holladay Park.

Saturday, June 22: Community-driven efforts saw volunteers tackle litter and beautify neighborhoods across the city, spanning from NW Portland to SE Foster, from NE Marx Drive and 82nd Avenue to West Linn, and the Springwater Corridor.

Why It Matters:

Litter poses a significant threat to the well-being of our streets, neighborhoods, and waterways. Through Pick It Up, Portland!, SOLVE aims to mitigate these impacts by creating opportunities for residents, businesses, and volunteers to actively contribute to their community's welfare. The result is a cleaner, more beautiful Portland that reflects the pride and care of its residents.

Pick It Up, Portland! 2025 will take place on World Environment Day, June 5.


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