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Pick It Up, Portland!

Pick It Up, Portland! spans two impactful days, bringing together residents, businesses, and volunteers from all corners of the city. This event is not just about tidying up our streets, it's about fostering a sense of pride and unity in our city. By participating in this signature event, you play a direct role in shaping the environment we all share. 


June 21-22, 2024

Join an event led by a SOLVE staff on Friday, June 21 or by a volunteer event leader on Saturday, June 22.

As volunteer projects are created, they will be listed on our registration site. 

Get Involved

​Join us for a weekend of community spirit, teamwork, and the satisfaction of seeing visible results. From picking up litter to beautifying public spaces, your efforts will leave a lasting impact. As we kick off the summer season, join us in making a tangible difference in the well-being of our city.

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