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SOLVE wraps up Waterway Cleanup Series at High Rock Park

SOLVE will be hosting the wrap-up event of the Waterway Cleanup Series in partnership with Clackamas Water Environment Services. The series ran from May through September as part of SOLVE’s ongoing efforts to protect and preserve Oregon’s waterways across the state.

SOLVE volunteers at Three Creeks, June 8, 2023SOLVE volunteers at Three Creeks, June 8, 2023

Oregon is known for its beautiful rivers. Unfortunately, our waterways continue to be degraded by litter either disposed of directly into rivers or by runoff from developed areas. The need to clean up our rivers has never been greater. 

This event along the Clackamas River will be wrapping up the series of 73 cleanups along waterways, lakes, and recreation areas, including the Willamette and Columbia River, Tualatin River, Clackamas and Breitenbush River, Salmon River, 3-Creeks Natural Area, and Little Lava Lake throughout the summer.

SOLVE volunteers at Meldrum Park, May 18, 2023

SOLVE is providing an opportunity for volunteers to come together for the final event of this summer-long initiative to remove litter from our rivers, streams, and creeks. People of all ages will be taking meaningful action to ensure that our communities enjoy the benefits of safe, healthy water for generations to come.


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