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Oregon Spring Cleanup

The highlight of SOLVE's annual calendar is the Oregon Spring Cleanup, featuring projects that extend across the region. This event unites volunteers and SOLVE partners from across the Pacific Northwest in a collective celebration of Earth Day. Rooted in SOLVE's longstanding traditions, the Oregon Spring Cleanup merges two of our most cherished events—the Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup, dating back to 1986, and SOLVE IT for Earth Day, which began in 1990.


Save the Date

April 19, 2025

The 2025 Oregon Spring Cleanup will culminate on April 19, with events kicking off on April 12, and will end on April 22. 

As volunteer projects are created, they will be listed on our volunteer site. 

Get Involved

​Discover a diverse array of projects, each designed to address specific environmental needs. From beach cleanups to litter pickups, and from restoring natural habitats through native tree and shrub plantings to weed pulls and mulching projects, each initiative plays a crucial role in enhancing the ecological well-being of our surroundings.

2024 Sponsors

Oregon Spring Cleanup 2024 is presented by Portland General Electric

with support from

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