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Beach & Riverside Cleanup

In 1984, Oregon residents Judy Neilson and Eleanor Dye initiated the "Plague of Plastics," the first statewide beach cleanup in the U.S., rallying volunteers to prevent 52,000 pounds of litter from polluting the ocean. Over three decades, the event evolved into the Beach and Riverside Cleanup, extending to inland areas and watershed restoration projects, becoming a model for cleanup efforts nationwide and globally.


September 28, 2024

The 2024 Beach and Riverside Cleanup will culminate on September 28, National Public Lands Day, with events kicking off on September 20 in celebration of the International Coastal Cleanup.

As volunteer projects are created, they will be listed on our registration site. 

Get Involved

​Discover a diverse array of projects, each designed to address specific environmental needs. From beach cleanups to litter pickups, and from restoring natural habitats through native tree and shrub plantings to weed pulls and mulching projects, each initiative plays a crucial role in enhancing the ecological well-being of our surroundings.

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