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What We Do

SOLVE's hands-on projects are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while making a difference! Get involved by signing up for a local litter cleanup, invasive plant removal project, or native planting event near you.

To learn more about the importance of these projects and why we pick up trash, plant native trees and shrubs, and remove invasive plants, take a look at our educational resources.

Our volunteer projects are community led and are available throughout Oregon, year-round.

Days of Service

Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup - March

Help clean the entire Oregon coast at one of 45 project sites.

SOLVE IT for Earth Day - April

Join Oregon's largest Earth Day event and improve our state.

Beach & Riverside Cleanup - September

Pick your favorite Oregon beach or join one of over 100 events statewide.

Year-Round Programs

Project Oregon

Create and lead a project for your favorite natural area or neighborhood.

Oregon Adopt-A-River

Take ownership of your favorite waterway anywhere in the state of Oregon.

Out of Office, Into Nature

Get the team outside with our one-stop solution for corporate volunteering.


Volunteer projects are available every Saturday! Browse our calendar or sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@solveoregon.org or 503-844-9571 Ext. 332



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