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Day 30:

It is the end of April, and we are going to finish our journey together along Bear Creek in Medford. What better way to end our time together than to watch another nature video by SOLVE’s naturalist, Dan Daly. Today, Dan is exploring a different waterway, one that is a bit farther north, at Blue Lake Park in Fairview, Oregon. There is no activity today, just an opportunity to watch the video and learn about Western Painted Turtles and beaver lodges. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to use what we learned during Day 16 to go outside and look for tracks on your own. Or, perhaps, you would rather just tune into the natural world by using this “Sit Spot” method Dan taught us on Day 26.

It’s been a great trip with you and we hope you enjoyed the activities along the way. From all us at SOLVE, we wish you and your loved ones a healthy and safe rest of your spring.

Do you want to keep traveling on the Oregon Trail? Play the retro video game with this link.