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Oregon is an amazing place and our beautiful waterways are a large reason why. Unfortunately, our waterways continue to be damaged by litter that is either disposed of directly into them or is carried by the runoff from developed areas. Oregon’s most common litter includes cigarette butts, plastic bottles and caps, food wrappers, and plastic bags. Animals often confuse these items with food, resulting in malnutrition, entanglement, or strangulation. Additionally, waterways that are littered reduce the enjoyment for boaters, fishermen, and those enjoying other outdoor recreation opportunities.

SOLVE and Water Environment Services invite all individuals and organizations that care about our waterways to join us in an effort to combat this problem through our Waterway Cleanup Series. This year, the series will be comprised of three months of events, from August to October, focusing on litter removal along our beautiful waterways. Stay tuned for a list of upcoming events you can get involved with!  

Want to learn more ways to keep our waterways clean and clear all year round? 

2019 Summer Waterway Cleanup Results

2019 Summer Waterway Cleanups were a huge success thanks to everyone who pitched in! In total, more than 1,600 volunteers participated during 58 waterway cleanups over more than 12 waterways, including the Columbia Slough, sections of the Columbia, Clackamas, Molalla and Willamette Rivers, as well as Carter, Dean, Fanno, Johnson, Rock, Mt. Scott, Phillips and Ash Creeks. Phew, good work everyone!

Volunteers removed more than 19,000 pounds of trash, 24 tires, and an estimated 6,000 cigarette butts that were then recycled. Keeping our waterways clean, healthy, and free of litter is at the core of SOLVE's mission so once again, thank you for everyone who participated!


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