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Small Grant Application Form


SOLVE provides reimbursable small grants of up to $100 to support grass roots and community efforts. A limited number of grants are available to supplement project material and supplies costs, assisting in creating successful and sustainable projects. See the list below for some of the things SOLVE small grants pay for. Individuals must apply for support prior to the deadline in order to be eligible for a small grant.

What’s Free

Approved SOLVE projects are eligible to receive free SOLVE supplies. These include bags, sharps containers, vinyl gloves, safety vests and volunteer coordinator handbooks. SOLVE staff are available to provide training and support to make sure you have a successful event.


SOLVE small grants for volunteer projects are limited. Approval for these grants is based on economic need, scope of project, geographic diversity and the sustainability of the project over time.

Each volunteer event coordinator or community group may receive one grant per calendar year.

Grant Use

SOLVE Small Grants are designed to help offset some of the on-the-ground costs for a project.

Examples of how grants can be used:

  • Work gloves
  • Tools (must be made available for future SOLVE projects)
  • Native trees and shrubs
  • Mulch
  • Plant cages
  • Waste disposal fees
  • Publication and distribution of promotional items (posters, signs, flyers) if not provided by SOLVE (subject to approval by SOLVE staff)

Examples of how grants cannot be used:

  • Wages
  • Volunteer transportation expenses (i.e. fuel, car/bus rental, etc.)
  • Food, gifts or parties for volunteers
  • Personal equipment, phone bills
  • Fundraising activities
  • Pesticides or herbicides
  • Supplies used for activities outside SOLVE's focus areas. SOLVE's focus areas are: cleanup of litter and illegal dumpsites, non-native invasive plant removal, planting of native trees and shrubs, and monitoring and maintenance of restoration sites.

Maximum $100


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