Recycling Resources

Sorting Tips

  • OPTION 1: Collect all debris then sort after the cleanup. Take sorted debris to waste and recycling center;
  • OPTION 2: Instruct volunteers to sort as they collect, separating trash and recycling in different bags;
  • OPTION 3: For a large cleanup, consider inviting community groups to help sort, or schedule an after-cleanup sorting event.
    • Invite Master Recyclers, local recycling centers, local artists, etc. to participate.

Downloadable Bin Labels

Separating the trash you collect into piles or bins is an easy way to sort out recyclables. Download and print SOLVE's bin labels below to get started!

Find a Local Recycling Center

Recycle your Cigarette Butts & Vinyl Gloves!

Instruct volunteers to collect cigarette butts separately and recycle with Terracycle! SOLVE recycles over 60,000 littered cigarette butts annually through this program, which turns the cellulose acetate filter into new plastic products like pallets and plastic lumber.

Ready to collect? Bring your sorted cigarette waste and used vinyl gloves to the SOLVE office, or contact us to request a free shipping label from Terracycle.

Donate your Bottles to SOLVE

Make your recycling a donation to SOLVE! Ask for a BottleDrop bag and sticker from SOLVE, fill it up with eligible, uncrushed cans, plastic and glass bottles, and bring to your local drop center. Questions? Contact info@solveoregon.org, or call 503-844-9571.

Finding Tons of Styrofoam?

If you are in the Portland-metro area, contact Agilyx to learn about recycling options.


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