Your Vision. Your Community.

Since 1993, SOLVE's Project Oregon has been supporting Oregonians in organizing impactful volunteer projects throughout our state that engage volunteers in restoration and cleanup efforts. Projects begin with your vision and take place in your community.

As with all SOLVE programs, Project Oregon supports projects that include litter abatement, the removal of invasive plant species, the planting of native plants, and/or the maintenance of such plantings.

Anytime, Anywhere

While events are the most successful on Saturdays between 9am and 1pm, any day of the week you will find civic-minded Oregonians looking for ways to improve their local communities.

SOLVE provides help with project planning and volunteer recruitment, a comprehensive planning guide, and project supplies (litter bags, signage for projects, vinyl gloves, safety vests, first aid kits, education boards, and hazardous waste containers). A limited number of small grants are also available for approved supplies.

Oregon's Marine Debris Response

Oregon's beaches need your help year-round!  Our coastline is heavily impacted by litter and marine debris during the winter and spring.  Storms and king tides bring in tons of debris and a continuous effort is needed to maintain clean and healthy beaches.  Want to make a difference for our oceans? Craving a cup of clam chowder?  Sign up above as a Project Oregon project leader and SOLVE will help you organize a beach cleanup! 


Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator at monica@solveoregon.org or 503-844-9571 Ext. 336


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