Take the Plunge!

Oregon Adopt-A-River, a partnership between SOLVE and the Oregon State Marine Board, supports individuals and organizations in cleaning and preserving their favorite stretch of waterway (river, lake or stream) anywhere in the state of Oregon, while focusing on watershed health and a good stewardship ethic. Participants can improve their local waterway by picking up trash, removing non-native invasive plants, or both! The commitment is for 2 years doing at least 2 cleanups or invasive plant removal events per year. Many volunteers do much more!

Adopting a waterway is simple. It only takes one person to get things started. Community organizations, fishing or boating clubs, school groups, businesses, associations or any environmentally concerned citizen can Adopt-A-River. Your projects can be as large as you like. Every project, no matter how large or small, makes a big difference!

Currently, over 500 miles of river have been adopted by more than 100 volunteers. Adoptions cover the entire state including sections of the Sandy, Willamette, Columbia, Clackamas, Salmon, Umpqua, Powder, Deschutes, Rogue, North and South Santiam, Siletz, Coquille, Molalla and John Day Rivers. Many smaller creeks and streams have been adopted as well.

Get Involved!

Adopting a waterway is simple. You only need to register your favorite stretch and then get your project going! You will then be asked to commit to working at your site at least two times per year for two years and report those results to SOLVE.

    SOLVE Support for Oregon Adopt-A-River Coordinators Includes:

  • Resource Guides (Watershed health and a step-by-step project planning guide)
  • Ongoing project support (such as technical assistance and volunteer recruitment)
  • Project supplies (such as bags, gloves, safety gear and promotional materials)
  • Small grant assistance of up to $100 a year to supplement on the ground project expenses
  • Adoption entered in the Oregon River Registry, and a certificate of adoption and registration

Oregon Adopt-A-River is a broad-based stewardship effort created by the 1993 Oregon Legislature, and is administered by SOLVE in partnership with the Oregon State Marine Board. Other state and federal agencies and corporations support the program as well.

A big thanks to all our current Adopt-A-River coordinators and Groups!

Click here to view a complete list.

If you are ready to take the plunge and adopt your favorite waterway, fill out the registration form.  Questions? Contact Monica Kelly: monica@solveoregon.org

Featured Project: Bear Creek Stewards

Since 2015 The Bear Creek Stewards of Southern Oregon have continually upheld SOLVE's core value of taking care of Oregon. Bear Creek is one of Southern Oregon's most urbanized watersheds and is a vital habitat for Chinook and Coho salmon. In 2018 the group officially adopted Bear Creek and now hosts dozens of cleanup events each year. In 2018 alone, this devoted group of volunteers hosted 16 events, removing 10,955 pounds of litter and engaging 305 volunteers in the process. Way to go, Bear Creek Stewards!


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