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SOLVE's Non-Partisan Guidelines

SOLVE's mission is to bring Oregonians together to improve the environment and build a legacy of stewardship. SOLVE organizes events to focus on and promote SOLVE's mission. Even though they are outdoors or in public spaces, they are SOLVE's events. 

SOLVE will support ‚ÄčOregonians in their related volunteer efforts, as long as the following guidelines are met:

  • SOLVE is a non-political, non-partisan organization and does not permit volunteers to use SOLVE events in political activity, publicly express or otherwise promote their political beliefs, candidates or other causes that distract from SOLVE's mission.

  • SOLVE will not support events where political or partisan materials, campaign literature, or merchandise are distributed or sold to participating volunteers.

  • SOLVE prohibits the use of its name, logo, and brand to promote any third party without permission.

  • SOLVE reserves the right to cancel an event or exclude any individual from participating in an event, at any time, for any reason.


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