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Our City, Our Home

SOLVE and the City of Portland are working together to clean up Portland's parks, neighborhoods, business districts, and everything in between. Now is your chance to get involved in this city-wide effort to remove litter from our community. Below, you'll find a list of cleanup resources you may find helpful. If you'd like to go one step further and join a cleanup event, or learn more about creating your own cleanup project, check out our Detrash Portland webpage. Together, our goal of making Portland safer and more welcoming will begin today. 



Report Litter and Illegal Dump Sites

  • To report excessive litter, please contact the City of Portland through their One Point of Contact System here. 
  • To report large items that have been illegally dumped on public property (think, a couch left on the curb), please contact Metro's Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Program here.  


Report Syringes and Needles

  • To report syringes or needles in Portland's City Center, please call Downtown Clean & Safe at 503-224-7383. 
  • To report syringes or needles outside of Portland's City Center, please report them to Metro by calling 503-234-3000 anytime between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday. You can also report a needle's location online through this link.  


Let's Put Butts Where They Belong - Cigarette Butt Recycling 

SOLVE recycles collected cigarette butts through a company called Terracycle. If you’d like to collect cigarette butts (separate from any other litter) and mail them to Terracycle, we can send you a pre-paid shipping label. Please email for more information. 


Additional Resources 


Important note: SOLVE does not engage in cleaning up or ‘sweeping’ active houseless camps.

If there is a clearly illegal dumpsite or an abandoned camp you may report it to SOLVE using our Litter Report Form. We may be able to support a cleanup if it is deemed safe to do so and we have proper property permissions. Alternatively, you can also use the resources above to report it to the city. 

Do you have questions about volunteering at an upcoming event? Call us at 503-943-2835 or

Do you have questions about creating your own event or obtaining cleanup supplies? Contact Emily at