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 How-To-Guide for Creating a Volunteer Team

My Teams is an exciting new feature that allows volunteers to register their friends, family, organization, club, sports team, youth group, and more, for events. Once you have created an online account with SOLVE, read the instructions below to get started!

Creating a Volunteer Group with My Teams

  1. Login or register for a SOLVE account.
  2. Select ‘Manage Your Team’ from the dropdown menu located under 'Volunteer Together' from the 'For Volunteers' menu.   
  3. From the "Manage Your Team" page select "Create New Team." 
  4. Enter Basic Team Information:
    • Team Names should be easy to remember.
    • Team Descriptions are visible to anyone you invite to your team. Describe your team in a way that is meaningful to others.
    • Company/Group Affiliation describes who is organizing the team (your company, your family, your club.)
  5. Add Team Members:
    • Enter as many team members as you have contact information for.
    • Age is only required for youth under the age of 18.
    • Including an email address will ensure team members receive information about the event directly from SOLVE. 
    • Check the ‘Team Captain’ box if you could like them to manage the team with you.  
  6. You can always modify your team later from the “My Teams” homepage.
  7. Select 'Create Team' when you have finished adding team members.


Team Captains

By creating a Team you are automatically the Team Captain. There can be multiple Team Captains on a team. By making someone a Team Captain they will have the ability to add/remove members and sign the team up for opportunities.


Email Notifications

Team members will receive email notifications informing them that they have been added to a team with SOLVE. If they do not have a SOLVE account, they will be encouraged to create one.



All team members are encouraged to register for a SOLVE online Volunteer Account. Here, team members can sign an online waiver for participation. Signing the waiver online saves time during check-in on the day of the event. If team members do not want to register for a SOLVE Volunteer Account, then they must sign a paper waiver on the day of the event. Waivers for adults ages 18 and over are valid until the terms of the agreement are changed.

When an adult creates a team with youth participants, they will be prompted to complete the Youth Volunteer Permission and Waiver Form, thus consenting to all youth on the team. If Team Captains and team members are under the age of 18, teens will either need to register for a SOLVE online Volunteer Account or have an authorized adult join them at check-in to sign a permission and waiver form


Registering Your Team for a Volunteer Opportunity

  1. Select the ‘Register With A Team’ button.  
  2. Select if you are a youth or an adult.
  3. Acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the waiver by selecting the check box at the bottom.
    1. Please note your team members will still need to complete their own waivers. They can either create an online account and register for the volunteer opportunity or complete a paper waiver on the day of the event.
      1. We are currently making updates that will make this process easier. Thank you for your patience as we work through our current system.
  4. Choose one of your teams from the drop-down list under “OPTION 1: CHOOSE ONE OF YOUR TEAMS” section to register for the event.
    1. All team members will be auto selected. Deselect the team members who will not be participating.
    2. As a Team Captain you can reserve spots for people you have not officially added to your team by typing the number of spots you’d like to reserve to the “Additional Unnamed Team Members” field next to your name.
  5. Select ‘Submit’


Managing a Team

As a Team Captain, you can remove your entire team from an event, add/remove individual participants or increase/decrease the number of Additional Unnamed Team Members, all from the My Teams page.  

  1. Select Manage Your Team’ from the dropdown menu located under 'Volunteer Together' from the 'For Volunteers' menu.   
  2. Select the ‘+’ button next to the Team you would like to make edits to. Below are a list of options in this field:
  • ‘Remove Team’ unregisters your entire team from an event. You will still see the event listed on your Team page. The “Signed Up” field will update to 0 team members once you have removed your team.
  • ‘Participants’ allows you to remove team members from an event or increase/decrease the number of Additional Unnamed Team Members.
  • ‘Manage Team’ allows you to 1) add team members to an event, 2) email members, 3) remove members, 3) make members Team Captains, and 4) delete a team.  


Additional Unnamed Team Members

Please update the number of spots you have reserved for unnamed team members in a timely manner. This will ensure other community members can register and will provide event leaders with an accurate roster to prepare supplies for. Once you have confirmed the number of spots you would like to reserve, follow the directions below.

  1. Go to the “Manage Your Team" page
  2. Select the ‘+’ button next to the Team you have registered
  3. Select ‘Participants’
  4. Decrease the number in the “Additional Unnamed Team Members” field
  5. If you have contact information for the previously unnamed team member select, ‘Manage Team’
  6. Select ‘Add New Members’
  7. Add the contact info for the new team member
  8. Select the check box next to their name to add them to the event 


Questions? Fill out the Contact Us Form for support.