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Deeper Engagement with SOLVE


Become an Event Assistant

Event Assistants set up and break-down events, check volunteers into events, provide safety talks, and distribute supplies. We recommend attending an event before volunteering in this capacity. 


Become an Event Leader 

Leaders create events anywhere in the state and use our platform to recruit volunteers, order supplies, and, depending upon location, can apply for small grants to support their efforts. Volunteers under the age of 18 can become Event Leaders with guardian consent.



Volunteers choose a waterway (river, lake, or stream) and pick up debris and remove invasive plants at least two times a year for two years.



Adopt your favorite stretch of beach and keep it tidy. Volunteers pick up litter on their adopted areas of the coast throughout the year.


Growing a Greener Generation 

The program is designed to teach youth about the importance of reducing our use of disposable items, recycling when we can, and cleaning up litter. Participants commit to at least two litter cleanups in one year at a selected location.