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Just as biodiversity is critical for a healthy environment, so too is human diversity for a healthy society. The inclusion of all voices and experiences from communities throughout Oregon is critical to the strength and healthy functioning of our entire state. SOLVE seeks to actively create a space that is safe, welcoming, inclusive and affirming for people of all identities and backgrounds to engage in environmental volunteerism. Environmental degradation and pollution disproportionally impact low-income and BIPOC communities, and there are often inequitable distributions in the investment of public resources and cleanup projects in these communities relative to other areas. SOLVE’s work aims to address these inequities to ensure that litter and biohazards no longer present health and safety risks for residents.  

We believe that our mission, to bring Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship, is inclusive of ALL Oregonians, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities, housing status or socio-economic background. We are dedicated to work towards being an anti-racist organization and improving engagement opportunities that are accessible and rewarding to all.   

SOLVE’s current efforts include, but are not limited to: 

  • Post open positions to diverse job sites for recruitment when hiring employees in order to cast a wide net and support the diversification of our staff 

  • Partner with culturally specific organizations in order to plan events and programming that align with the needs of historically marginalized communities. 

  • Contract with BIPOC and Women-owned businesses to keep dollars moving within historically targeted or omitted communities 

  • Conduct outreach trips to connect with community leaders throughout the state and expand SOLVE programming 

  • Conduct targeted outreach and engagement with school classrooms, youth groups, and nonprofits in order to stop the cycle of disparate environmental access from a young age 

  • Create and involve our organization in specific days of service, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, to engage and honor diverse populations. 

  • Ongoing staff learning opportunities such as trauma informed care trainings, participation in YWCA Social Justice trainings, and monthly DEIJ meetings 

In this effort, SOLVE currently works with various universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, alternative schools, SUN schools and non-profits across Oregon. 

For more information about SOLVE’s diversity, equity, inclusion and justice work, contact SOLVE’s Program Director, Taylor Neitzke, at  


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