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As a SOLVE Leader, you are representing SOLVE as an organization.  Please confirm you agree to the following before creating your next event: 

  1. Engage in welcoming interactions with the public, staff, and other volunteers. Volunteers must be respectful of all people regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. Refrain from personally imposing your cultural, religious, and political views on others and follow SOLVE’s non-partisan guidelines. 
  2. When partnering with SOLVE to host a volunteer event, SOLVE Leaders must maintain a safe and welcoming environment that is free from harassment and intimidation. Use only words and gestures that respect the dignity and rights of all people. The use of profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, physical force, threats, intimidation, or any form of discrimination towards others is strictly prohibited.  
  3. Treat people experiencing homelessness with dignity. Maintain a respectful distance from active or abandoned homeless campsites and refrain from removing items that may be someone’s personal belongings. Consult with SOLVE staff before engaging in cleanups near homeless communities.  
  4. Please consult SOLVE before promoting volunteer projects with the media. Do not use the SOLVE brand without explicit permission from SOLVE staff. 
  5. Work with SOLVE staff when determining the location of your volunteer project, obtain property owner permissions and permits when required.  
  6. Be transparent with SOLVE staff regarding what you plan to do with SOLVE supplies and resources.  
  7. Report all safety incidents, public safety violations, and emergencies to SOLVE staff member, and/or emergency services when necessary. SOLVE Leaders are not required to provide first aid or additional medical support in a safety or medical incident. 

If you agree to the terms above, you are ready to create your event! Please click the "Yes, I Agree" button below to move on to the next step.