We at SOLVE, have taken time to reflect on the challenging and traumatic events of the past few weeks, and how we can support Black communities in Oregon. We have a lot of work to do. As anti-racism requires collective action, we vow to listen, learn, and adopt best practices, both internally and externally, to improve engagement opportunities that are accessible and rewarding to all.

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Beach & Riverside Cleanup 2020

September 19 - October 4

Thank you Volunteers, Partners, and Sponsors for the Beach & Riverside Cleanup, 2019!

SOLVE celebrated its annual Beach & Riverside Cleanup, in partnership with the Oregon Lottery, on Saturday, September 21, where over 5,500 volunteers came together at 147 projects statewide, removing 28,000 pounds of trash from beaches, rivers, parks and natural areas. 

SOLVE’s Beach & Riverside Cleanup has long been a statewide movement to protect and improve Oregon’s watersheds. With cleanups happening on waterways across the state, and on nearly every mile of the Oregon Coast, the Beach & Riverside Cleanup has held its promise to do just that.

Since the start of the Beach & Riverside Cleanup, over 1.7 million pounds of litter has been removed by over 130,000 volunteers. This year, Oregonians came out in full force, increasing the positive impact.

As always, the Beach & Riverside Cleanup ended with memorable finds and interesting stories. 

Portland’s Central Eastside’s Cleanup gave a new definition to “deep clean”, with 10 divers from Adventures with a Purpose diving into the Willamette River and retrieving bikes, scooters, and countless skateboards. The recovered items were then loaded onto a barge and brought back to shore, where volunteers lined up, ready to help unload. Other volunteers did litter cleanup throughout the Central Eastside neighborhood and installed placards on storm drains, reminding citizens that these drains flow directly into the river. An astounding 3,000 pounds of litter was collected by 174 volunteers during this project! 

Volunteers also came out in Salem, joining the Oregon Lottery at Wallace Marine Park for a litter cleanup. In total, more than 70 volunteers picked up over 500 pounds of litter before it could pollute the nearby Willamette River. Cleaning up near inland waterways, especially near developed areas, is an important, but often overlooked step, at combatting the marine debris crisis.

The Beach & Riverside Cleanup will be held Saturday, September 19 through October 4, 2020 at locations throughout Oregon. Volunteer registration will go live July 2020.


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