We at SOLVE, have taken time to reflect on the challenging and traumatic events of the past few weeks, and how we can support Black communities in Oregon. We have a lot of work to do. As anti-racism requires collective action, we vow to listen, learn, and adopt best practices, both internally and externally, to improve engagement opportunities that are accessible and rewarding to all.

To read SOLVE’s full Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement, please click here.

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20th Annual War on Weeds - August 1-14

20th Annual War on Weeds Goes Virtual August 1-14: To address the challenges of keeping our community free of noxious weeds while maintaining physical distancing, Sunriver presents a new way to participate in our annual War on Weeds. By creating on-line maps and sign-up opportunities, encouraging volunteers to set their own schedule within an extended project period and select the areas they wish to pull, this year’s War on Weeds maximizes safety and flexibility. Starting July 1, volunteers can sign up on the SOLVE website or Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) website to participate. (This event is by pre-registration only.) Maps showing the location of noxious weeds on Commons will be available and volunteers can identify and choose the areas they wish to pull. Identification tips and pulling instructions will be sent to all volunteers and supplies such as bags and temporary parking permits can be picked up in the Foyer of the SROA Administrative Building, which is open 24/7. Please bring water, sunscreen and gloves for pulling. Please abide by 6-foot physical distancing at all times between you and anyone outside your household. Please cancel your registration and stay home if you do not feel well.

Sunriver, OR

8/14/20 8:00 AM

Fall Creek Clean-up 8/14

For four days during August we will be cleaning the areas within the Fall Creek and Winberry Watersheds as part of SOLVE IT for Oregon. Interested volunteers must sign up in advance. On the volunteer day you've signed up for, meet at 9 AM Old Fall Creek Tavern, sign in and receive directions to an area to clean! This will also be where you check out when you are finished. The areas we clean are along roadsides, trails, and creeksides. These areas are wide open or wooded. It is mosquito season. Please dress in layers as it will be cooler in the morning but warm to hot by end of event. Make sure to bring plenty of water. Closed toed shoes, preferably sturdy boots, area required. MASKS are also required and you will need to bring your own. We will provide nitrile gloves, garbage bags and very limited tools like grabbers that cannot be shared. We encourage you to bring garden gloves to wear over the nitrile gloves and any tools that would be helpful in cleaning a variety of messes. We clean everything from roadside trash, dumpsites, to abandoned campsites. Please be prepared to get dirty. This is a family friendly event. Children need to be under adult supervision at all times. Please be aware that there may be biohazards. Use your best judgement and caution. Remember to wear a mask and be aware we will be practicing social distancing. This event is limited to 10 people. Get your spot reserved now! Thank you for helping us to keep Fall Creek and WInberry Watershed clean and healty!

Lowell, OR

8/14/20 9:00 AM

Medford Parks and Greenways Cleanup - Bear Creek Park Little League Parks

CALLING ALL MEDFORD PARKS AND GREENWAY CLEANUP VOLUNTEERS! Join us at a Medford Park from 8 AM - 11 AM! Please join us for these events that mean so much to our City’s keeping our rivers and streams clean and healthy. Your continuing efforts are appreciated! You will be given further details by contacting Michael by email or phone. Many thanks, Michael (541) 774-2695 michael.mace@cityofmedford.org

Medford, OR

8/15/20 8:00 AM

Sandy City Cleanup

Who: Be the Change Community What: Sandy City Cleanup Where: Downtown Sandy, Oregon When: August 15, 2020 How: Sponsored by SOLVE Oregon's 'SOLVE IT for Oregon' presented by PGE Why: "City of Sandy. I walked my dog downtown and the amount of trash on our streets is disturbing to say the least. My non-profit organization Be the Change Community encourages others to do what we call our #5MinuteCleanups so on our walk I grabbed a pair of gloves and a trash bag from my backpack and cleaned up a 1 mile stretch. In that 1 mile, I filled 1 bag with 256 pieces of trash! '8 days later, 33 more pieces!' I have taken it upon myself to help be a part of the solution here in Sandy and I am asking for help from my fellow community members of Sandy, waste and water management companies like Hoodview Disposal and Sandy Watershed, city of Sandy officials and Clackamas county officials; I cannot do this alone!" "There is an old saying that, 'Heavy lifting becomes light work when you have many hands.' Together we can find solutions to these issues. Together we are the change! Looking forward to working with you!" *NOTE: Please stay home if you are feeling sick or if you have been exposed to anyone who is feeling sick. The county is currently in Phase 1 of reopening so we will be respecting the guidelines and will cap our volunteers at 25. Should something change prior to the event, we will evaluate our options at that time and be sure proper notice is given to volunteers. This being said, please provide us with your preferred method of contact upon registration. ◘ Pre-registration is required for ALL events (do not drop into any) to prevent the need to sign a waiver and used a shared pen. Register Now! This city cleanup is family-friendly, and volunteers of all ages will find the event fun, educational and rewarding. Be prepared by dressing for any weather, wearing sturdy shoes and bringing a mask, homemade is fine. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and CDC Guidelines and to help reduce plastic waste, you are encouraged to BYO (bring your own): ◘ Reusable bucket/bag ◘ Gloves ◘ Pickers ◘ Water bottle ◘ Hand sanitizer ◘ Sunscreen Don’t forget about the small stuff! The most commonly found items of trash found on Oregon streets are tiny bits of plastic and cigarette butts, which can be harmful to animal life and end up in our waterways. ◘ Keep your eyes peeled for these items. Last but not least: ◘ Don't forget to bring snacks and your reusable water bottle! If you happen to forget, SOLVE will provide single use bags and gloves. Project Leaders are taking additional precautionary steps: ◘ Providing single-use vinyl gloves or freshly washed and sanitized reusable work gloves when necessary ◘ Sanitation of all tools after each event ◘ When possible, scheduling events close to places where running water and soap are available ◘ When possible, staggering check-in times to prevent close proximity with over volunteers ◘ Asking all volunteers to pre-register for an event Remember even the city can be dangerous! ◘ Avoid cars and major roadways. Stay on the sidewalk. ◘ Keep your distance from animals. ◘ Keep your eyes peeled for animals nesting and do not ddisturb them. ◘ Never turn your back on the road! ◘ Please keep dogs on a leash. ◘ Steer clear of roped/fenced off areas. ◘ If you find any hazardous material, DO NOT PICK IT UP! Alert your Event Captain immediately for proper disposal. Hauling and disposal services donated by the City of Sandy. Sponsored by SOLVE'S SOLVE IT for Oregon presented by PGE. Be the Change Community & SOLVE’s priority has always been the health and safety of Oregon and our community members. The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, so the outlined precautions stated above only reflect our guidelines at this time. We will continue to update our volunteers, partners, and community members if our event guidelines shift. We're here to answer any questions you may have. It’s more fun to work as part of a team. Bring a buddy, stay safe and have fun! For more details or to volunteer at a different location please visit: https:// www.solveoregon. org/

Sandy, OR

8/15/20 8:00 AM

Great Slough Cleanup - Kelley Point Park!

Great Slough Clean Up Each year, the Council hosts Great Slough Clean Up, a day when we gather to clean up multiple sites along the Slough all at once to make a GREAT impact. This year, to allow for more social distancing, we’re spreading out our impact to clean up two sites on two dates in the month of August, and we’re conducting cleanups on land so it's easier to spread out. We'll be holding Great Slough Clean Up events on: Saturday, August 15th from 9am-12pm at Kelley Point Park and Thursday, August 27th from 5-7pm at Johnson Lake. Importantly, everyone must register for the events in order to aid contact tracing, and everyone must complete the quick Symptom Checker prior to participating. All participants must also wear a face covering while within 20 feet of others and stay 6 feet apart or more from anyone not in your household group. Want to join us? Sign up here to participate, fill out the waiver, and select your date(s). Registration is first come, first served. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’re capping the Kelley Point Park Event at 25 (including staff) and Johnson Lake at 10, so sign up now! S ince we are working at Portland Parks and Recreation Natural Areas, **Please fill out this waiver** We're looking forward to getting outside with you to safely clean up the Slough!

Portland, OR

8/15/20 9:00 AM

Forest Park No Ivy League Volunteer Event 8/15/20

Event Details: Join Portland Parks & Recreation's No Ivy League and SOLVE for a morning of invasive species removal in Forest Park. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer, water and snacks. Tools, gloves, and face coverings will be provided as needed. Volunteers will be required to wear face coverings throughout the event.Volunteers will take a short hike (up to 1 mile) to the site and will be working on uneven ground. Meeting location will be emailed once you are registered. Questions: Call or text Mary Verrilli at 503-823-8367 Here are a few tips to get you ready for your stewardship event. Registration is required for all stewardship events. Complete a health screening (brief online survey) before attending each event: https://c19oregon.com/  Please volunteer close to home or in your community. Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of any contagious illness or have had recent contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of any illness. Bring a face covering to be worn at the event and maintain at least 6 feet physical distance from others. PP&R will provide face coverings for anyone who doesn’t have their own.    Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own gloves, water and snacks. PP&R will provide tools and gloves for anyone who does not have their own, and training for the days activity. In order to ensure your comfort and safety, please remember to dress for the weather, wear close-toed shoes, bring a water bottle, and be ready to get dirty! Unless otherwise noted, all events are family-friendly and all ages are welcome to participate. However, children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult for the duration of the event. We encourage you to attend events with members of your household/family! While groups are welcome to join many of our regularly scheduled stewardship events, please contact the event coordinator listed in the description before arriving with a large group. This will ensure that there are enough gloves and tools for everyone to work. We are also available to schedule special service events at your group's convenience during the week or on weekends. Learn more about programs for groups.

Portland, OR

8/15/20 9:00 AM


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