Request a Project Grant: Step 1

To apply for a grant:
  • Your project must be approved by SOLVE before you submit a grant request.
  • SOLVE will send notice of grant approval via e-mail within two weeks. If you do not receive approval please contact SOLVE.
  • Before your project occurs, spend your own money and save your receipts.
  • After your event, submit the Reimbursement Request form and attach all receipts for reimbursable items. Forms must be received within 30 days of your project and each receipt should have your site name on it. If SOLVE does not receive the Reimbursement Request form by this date, any funds held in your name will be released to other projects.
  • SOLVE will issue a payment check within 30 days of receipt of the Day of Event Form, Grant Reimbursement Form and all receipts.
CRITERIA FOR SOLVE GRANTS SOLVE small grants support grass roots and community efforts. A limited number of grants (up to $100) are available to supplement project material and supplies costs. Typical eligible items include tools, waste disposal fees, plant and printing costs. Grants cannot be used for food or volunteer transportation.

Grants Eligibility

  • SOLVE small grants for volunteer projects are limited. Approval for these grants is based on economic need, scope of project, geographic diversity and the sustainability of the project over time.
  • More about Grants

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