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SOLVE is ready to help you create and lead a successful volunteer event at your favorite park, neighborhood, or natural area. Whether you want to organize a litter cleanup, a native tree planting, or an invasive plant removal event, SOLVE can help with cleanup supplies, volunteer recruitment and a small grant.

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SOLVE IT for Earth Day
Oregon's Largest Earth Day Event.

Beach & Riverside Cleanup
A statewide effort to improve the health of our lakes, rivers, beaches, and natural spaces each Fall.

Project Oregon
Our most flexible program, Project Oregon allows leaders across the state to organize an event anytime, anywhere.

Oregon Adopt-A-River
Covering over 500 miles of Oregon Waterways to date, this program lets you lay claim to your favorite river, lake, or stream.

Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup
Beach Captains and volunteer group leaders help at each of SOLVE's 47 coastal sites each Spring.



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SOLVE a problem in your community.

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